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Awesome advertising starts with great ingredients

Mr. Panini has been our customer since 2016, and we have proudly helped in turning the best Finnish panini bread into a household name. In order to bring the brands advertising and communication on a new level, we needed a timeless and tasty concept.

What is the next step when you are the best at what you do and a market leader?

Together with Mr. Panini, we set out to solidify the brand’s position as the top-of-mind, and most preferred panini bread by creating a long-lasting marketing concept and online presence.

Creative strategy and advertising concept for a Finnish fast-food brand.

Mr. Panini dances to the hearts, minds and plates of fans.

Bake the advertising until crispy and flavourful

The solution for Mr. Panini was pretty obvious, but a critical step non the less: bring the iconic Mr. Panini character to life – and dance! Advertising should always be fun.

Together with our fantastic client, we created a concept and shot a ton of high quality content. Our aim was to highlight the key brand attributes and position of the best Finnish panini on the market online and offline.

We completed the production with a cost-effective cooperation model with the production company Cocoa and Genero’s in-house talent.

One day of shooting yielded an enormous amount of assets for heavy use in various channels and media formats. We like efficiency and hate bloated productions -> which is only fitting for the tastiest panini brand on the market.

Enjoy the taste!

The Mr. Panini advertising journey starts first online, then later on other media formats. Naturally carefully optimized and measured for maximum media effectiveness.

Good results are a mix of fast learning, data insight and creativity. If the audience permits, the story for the Mr. Panini character is now only beginning.

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Ville Silventola

Sales Director, Finland

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