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Halti hakee kansainvälistä kasvua verkosta Generon kanssa

Halti Ltd. and Genero have signed a cooperation agreement to significantly increase Halti’s global brand awareness and digital interaction with customers.

– In addition to Finland, our focus is now on Germany, Northern Europe, and North America, CEO Sami Kiiski from Halti says.

Halti chose award-winning growth marketing company Genero as its partner in digital marketing to drive growth online.

– We are delighted that we found a Finnish partner with international experience to support our growth. Now we have an enthusiastic and entrepreneurial team, Kiiski says.

Kiiski believes that a critical factor in gaining success in international markets is to invest in digital marketing and creating supportive and inspirational customer journeys online.

The recipe of success is made of data, the spirit of innovation and high-quality products

As a revenue-oriented digital marketing agency Genero works with Halti to grow brand awareness by using data, social media channels, and growth hacking.

– We are excited to start strategic work with Halti, where marketing is seen as an investment in growth. As a premium Nordic outdoor company, Halti has innovative and high-quality products and a vast collection. We get to create an inspiring customer journey that responds to the customer interests in outdoor activities, COO Sebastian Östman from Genero says.


Further information
COO Sebastian Östman, Genero, tel. +358 50 308 4196, sebastian@genero.fi
CEO Sami Kiiski, Halti, tel. +358 50 3890 901, sami.kiiski@halti.fi

Genero Oy is a growth marketing agency focused on measurable, result-driven digital marketing. Genero’s customers include Fonecta, Snellman, Mr. Panini, Komplett Bank and Mutti. The company’s turnover last year was 5 million euros. http://www.genero.fi

Halti is a Finnish outdoor company that specializes in manufacturing premium outdoor, ski, multisport and lifestyle apparel as well as camping hardware. Halti is for curious, active and demanding outdoor enthusiasts who value high functionality, best technical materials, perfect fit and beautiful minimalist Nordic design. Over the past 40 years our gear has been used in some of the most starkly beautiful and unforgiving places on Earth. Halti is one of the few companies that has equipped expeditions to all of “The three Poles” – The North Pole, The South Pole and Mount Everest. We equipped and sponsored many of the world’s top athletes across all of our product categories. At Halti we’re continuing this heritage by inspiring all people to experience nature at its best. http://www.halti.com/

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