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From a Trainee to a Senior in just a few years

In 2019 Heiman was looking for a new challenge. School and work in his own startup had given Heiman a good touch to marketing, but he was eager to learn more. As he was thinking about his next career move, he considered both working in-house or within an agency. In the end Heiman was offered two different jobs: one as a Marketing Lead in a company and one as a Growth Hacker Trainee at Genero.

”Those were two quite different roles,” Heiman laughs. ”But I just had a gut feeling Genero was the right place.”

The gut feeling turned out to be right. In his two and a half years at Genero, Heiman had the opportunity to significantly broaden and deepen his skills in marketing. He quickly grew from a trainee to a senior-level Growth Marketer with incredible expertise, today leading Growth Marketing at a Finnish Scale-up.

Heiman’s four tips to growing as a Growth Marketer

Self drive and motivation

”Genero has a great work culture, where people can grow. But that only happens if the people themself want to grow. Even though I had a good base in marketing, my know-how wasn’t very diverse or deep, so it all started with being self-driven.”

Look for an agency with an open culture

”One thing I really love about Genero is the culture of ’Freedom under responsibility’. I think that’s the type of work culture where someone can grow exponentially. If they just themself choose to do so. Here you are given the responsibility but also freedom to test things out. You might fail, but that’s okay. You learn from the failures.”

Mentors, mentors, mentors

”From day one I was assigned my own mentor. Usually its a Lead Growth Hacker for a trainee. Having a mentor is so important because you will have a lot of questions.”

Utilize your colleagues expertise

”Having very smart and skilled colleagues is also important in addition to having a mentor. In Genero I met different kinds of Growth Hackers who all had their own deep know-how.

Funny fact, I didn’t know anything about Google Ads when I started but in one to two years I was managing an extremely big account that had hundreds of campaigns. That wouldn’t have been possible without the support and know-how from my colleagues.”

Trust from clients

”Getting more responsibility in working with clients plays a big role as well in the learning phase. Their trust is really important.”

Looking to grow as a growth marketer?

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