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Why we love this client

Pihla Group Oy is the largest player in the Finnish window and door market, manufacturing products under Pihla, PihlaPRO, Tiivi-, Profin, Klas1 and Sydänpuu brands. Pihla Group is our long-term client. Our cooperation is simple, but efficient and strategic, which also guarantees great results.


We started working together with Pihla Group Oy in January 2019 by implementing a website update for Tiivi and Pihla products, the leading window and door brands in Finland.

At the heart of the website reform was a data-driven customer experience. We wanted to take advantage of its full potential to enable more efficient collection of leads. 

Another strategic goal of the website renewal was to keep both brands number one in search engine results. For this reason we made separate websites for both brands, and


We started designing the new websites based on the results of customer path analysis and keyword analysis. The conversion planning of the sites was supported by strategically defining keywords and creating content that appealed to the target group. The sites were optimized to get the most straightforward and fast customer contact possible. The websites were built on WordPress’s multisite platform to make content production as easy as possible and the further development of the sites flexible. In addition, the website optimization ensured a first-class user experience also on mobile. 

Results and were launched in May 2019. At the same time we also updated the monitoring and analysis solutions on the websites to support decision-making. After the launch of the sites, we have continued our marketing cooperation with Pihla Group in digital and social media channels as well as in traditional media.

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Ville Silventola

Sales Director, Finland

Edvin Årefors

International Sales Director

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