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Growth stories

OP Group & Genero: financially-focused content on how to lead a good life As a content partner for OP Financial Group, Genero regularly creates and develops content for the group’s customers.
Digital multichannel campaign strengthened Tiivi’s market position How we created a digital multichannel campaign for Tiivi and reminded everyone who’s who in the window business, resulting in all-time highs and new records.
New brand films turned traffic into results for Pihla How we created a successful all-digital campaign around fresh brand films and boosted Pihla’s brand awareness and website traffic.
Brand campaign & concept for Weekendbee Last summer, we took a two-day urban hike with Weekendbee. The result of this cool outdoor trip was an international brand campaign.
Modern websites for A-lehdet We built modern and optimized websites for the beloved Finnish media house, A-lehdet.
Brand new website for Familjen Snellman We set out to take over Sweden with a deliciously good website for Familjen Snellman.
Website renewal for Pihla Group Oy enhanced customer experience How we enhanced customer experience by building modern websites for Pihla and Tiivi.
Interbrands Gancia





Playful and fast-paced social media marketing did the trick for Interbrands We helped Interbrands Wines & Spirits take over social media with playful ads, resulting in remarkable growth in sales and brand awareness.
Football Association of Finland – engaging content and renewed Result Service The Football Association of Finland (Palloliitto), brings together Finnish football and futsal enthusiasts with over 900 membership clubs. The mission of Palloliitto is to make football accessible for everyone and improve the overall well-being of our society.

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Edvin Årefors

Edvin Årefors

Business Director, Sweden

Ville Silventola

Sales Director, Finland