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What’s your growth story at Genero? 

“I started as a Growth Hacker Trainee in 2018 when I was studying Digital Marketing at Arcada University of Applied Sciences. At the beginning I worked a lot with SEO and websites and I soon started getting into different ad tools and channels and slowly started working more closely with clients. After my trainee period I became Junior Growth Hacker and I worked full-time during the summers and part-time alongside school until I graduated and started working full-time. Soon after that I got promoted to Senior Growth Hacker”, Oskar tells. 

Right at the interview I was asked what my passions were and what I wanted to achieve in my career. I got the feeling that Genero truly wants to coach people towards their passions and interests.

Sonja Peltonen, Project Manager

“I started in 2019 as a Project Assistant when I was on my last year at Haaga-Helia studying Sales Management. Right at the interview I was asked what my passions were and what I wanted to achieve in my career. I got the feeling that Genero truly wants to coach people towards their passions and interests. I was interested in project management and I was given the opportunity to show my skills in it. Apparently I was good at it as I got offered a Project Manager position after just one year in the house. I had previously worked as a team leader and store manager so it felt natural to start working with clients and managing accounts”, Sonja explains.

What has supported you in your career?

“I’ve always had this eagerness and willingness to do and learn, which has been the driving force for me. One successful project has led to another and that has helped me get more responsibility and new projects. It’s awesome to see that clients are super happy with our team and work!” Sonja celebrates.

“I thought the growth hacking mentality at Genero was very interesting. When I first started I just wanted to learn as much as possible and develop my skills in digital marketing. Everybody here said that if you do your job well, you can proceed really fast in your career. Little by little I’ve taken more responsibility, shown that I’m good at what I do and got to fill bigger boots”, Oskar says. 

You can truly go far with together with great colleagues.

Awesome people have also played a key role in helping Sonja and Oskar climb the career ladder.

“Great superiors and Lead Growth Hackers have taught me a lot and supported me in my career. They’ve said that I have potential and I’m doing a good job, which has pushed me forward. And of course promotions have brought the validation that I’m doing something right, which has given me even more willingness to learn and boosted my confidence. Although I do suffer from imposter syndrome every now and then”, Oskar laughs.

“I’ve learned a lot from our COO, Mikaela. The way she is with clients and her feedback has helped me so much, especially at the beginning. She has been a big source of inspiration for me. And the whole team of course, being able to learn all the time from talented people doing different things. You can truly go far together with great colleagues! There are so many inspiring people at Genero and a good vibe going on. It makes it easy to succeed,” Sonja says.  

What’s your next career move?

“We have an interesting growth story going on here at Genero and that of course means that there are more and more exciting opportunities. I haven’t decided my next step yet, I just want to be the best at what I do and Genero offers great opportunities for that. I’m interested in building successful eCommerce companies both in Finland and abroad, so I’ve been placed in a team where that is possible”, Oskar says. 

“My goal is to grow my current clients, build growth for their business and build growth for Genero through that. I’m wishing I could also put more time into growing as a professional, learning more and developing my skills to the next level“, Sonja adds.

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