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Genero sai Great Place to Work -sertifikaatin 2

Genero is now a Great Place to Work certified company. The certification is granted to companies that have succeeded in developing a trust-based corporate culture. A requirement for the certification is that at least 70% of the company’s employees consider their company a good place to work.

This was the first time that Genero, who aims to be one of the best places to work in Finland, participated in the Great Place To Work survey. Genero applied in the small organizations category. Employee satisfaction was measured using the Trust Index email survey, in which Genero scored 91/100.

”Employee well-being plays a big role in how successful your company is. Over the past year, we have worked towards changing a lot of things in our company and at the same time we have been looking for ways to inspire and motivate our employees. We came to the conclusion that the Great Place To Work survey is a good way to measure how good our corporate culture and ways of working are,” says Rasmus Östman, CEO of Genero.

The Great Place To Work Model measures and evaluates company practices from different angles. The management team filled a Culture Audit survey directed specifically at them. In August Genero will receive a thorough analysis of its corporate culture and management practices and how they compare with those of the Great Place To Work winners. According to Östman, the survey results provide the management team with valuable insight for developing the company’s culture and management practices.

For Genero, Great Place To Work is a process for getting feedback from its staff and developing the company’s ways of working.

”During the past year or two, working at Genero has meant working amidst constant change as our company has grown fast and new people have joined our crew. Following an acquisition in May, Genero became part of the A-lehdet group. We know that the competition is extremely tough and that there are a lot of things still to be done for us to have a chance to be chosen as the best place to work in Finland,” Östman explains.

The cornerstones of employee satisfaction at Genero are good co-workers and the ability to influence one’s own work. Jarno Penttinen, a copywriter who has worked for four years at Genero, says he is not surprised by the good result. Penttinen especially appreciates the relaxed working atmosphere of his workplace.

”I could almost have foreseen this result,” he says laughingly.

Genero has grown at a fast pace during the past few years and naturally the growth has brought along with it a lot of changes. Genero’s HR Manager Ngoc Doan says the Great Place To Work Model is a great way to develop company culture collaboratively with the employees themselves.

”We are working together with our staff to improve our ways of working and our employee experience” explains Doan.

The Great Place To Work certification is valid for 12 months after the Trust Index Survey has been conducted. The list of best places to work in Finland is also published every year in collaboration with the Finnish business magazine Talouselämä.

For more information please contact Rasmus Östman, CEO of Genero, +358 40 742 9523,

Genero is a growth marketing agency that focuses on measurable, result-driven digital marketing. Genero’s customers include Fonecta, Snellman, Mr. Panini, Komplett Bank, Mutti and Halti. The company’s turnover last year was 5 million euros. Genero has offices in Helsinki and Pietarsaari and has currently a crew of 40 people. For more information, visit

The Great Place to Work® certification is granted to companies that have succeeded in developing a trust-based corporate culture. The certification is valid for 12 months after the Trust Index Survey has been conducted. For more information, visit

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