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Together we grow

our cooperation resulted in:


Growth of leads

compared to previous year


increase in lead quality

(end vs beginning of 2021)


increase in Organic traffic

compared to previous year

Why we love this client

Electrolux Professional is a fantastic customer with many business areas in B2B, such as laundry and kitchen solutions for restaurants, hotels, schools, housing cooperatives, etcetera.

The customer dares to challenge a traditional market with their energy and new thinking – and question the market to put the customer in the center through their communication.

Electrolux Professional loves to work agile and is very business driven with clear kpi that makes our partnership a success.

Thanks to Genero Growth’s expertise and guidance we increased our B2B customers’ awareness, product knowledge and built us a solid corporate reputation. Generating potential customers requires that our target group feels ready to buy before they enter the sales funnel, because without brand awareness lead generation becomes much more difficult, if not impossible. For us, the customer journey never ends and in continued work with keyword-optimized content, optimization for conversion and content in social media, Genero help us to achieve greater visibility on the Swedish market much quicker.

Jennie Walther, Nordic Marketing Manager at Electrolux Professional


Electrolux Professional found us through the SEMrush Nordic Search Awards where we won a case with another client. There was an interest in working more digitally and finding a partnership that took ownership of the entire marketing tunnel to increase the number of leads.

The challenge is to work with as many business areas and messages that Electrolux Professional works with at the same time as marketing efforts have been limited.


We started the collaboration with a complete growth strategy where we looked at data that was available. At the same time we examined the market, competitors and what Electrolux Professional customers think about their products and services.

When the strategy was implemented, we started working in short weeks of sprint meetings with the customer where we had clear kpi to achieve every week. By systematically testing different messages and concepts and target groups, we have found the right place in paid social and Google Ads.

At the same time, we have started working on sharpening the messages on product pages and simplifying the customer journey through extensive conversion optimization.


Growth of leads were improved by striking 270% compared to previous year. And the lead quality increased 62% at the end of 2021 compared to the beginning of the year. Own media channels grew as the organic traffic increased by 6% compared to previous year. So, we now have a lot of statistics and learnings to use and will start to grow even more during 2022.

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Ville Silventola

Sales Director, Finland

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International Sales Director

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