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Snellman - Tuloksellista yhteistyötä jo vuodesta 2010 7

Together we grow

Our great co-operation resulted in:


organic website visits


loyal fans


years of revenue growth

Increasing online presence for Snellman

Why we love this client 

Snellman was one of our first clients and we can honestly say that we have managed to develop something exceptional together throughout our 10-year cooperation. Snellman’s marketing team consists of seasoned experts who respect their brand and strongly believe that when eating meat, you should choose a more high-quality and sustainable product. Throughout the years, we have secured a way of working, which is not only consistent but also encourages experimentation, allowing us to try out new ways to serve Snellman’s customers on their online channels.

“Cooperation with Genero has been very fruitful. Clear goals are always set for measures, results are monitored, reported and areas for improvement are identified. It’s easy to develop Snellman’s online presence on this basis. ”

– Tommi Fors, Director of Marketing and Communications, Snellmanin Lihanjalostus Oy
Snellman - Tuloksellista yhteistyötä jo vuodesta 2010 6


Snellmanin Lihanjalostus Oy has been manufacturing high-quality meat and cold cuts for 70 years. Consumers’ perceptions of meat companies are generally quite generic and therefore one of Snellman’s main challenges has been the question of how to differentiate themselves from their competitors and how to communicate this to the masses. Furthermore, acquiring new fans is critical for Snellman’s business development, as customers are likely to repurchase Snellman’s products once they have tasted them.


Our collaboration, which began in 2010 with a website renewal project, has deepened over the years and today covers everything from digital marketing and search engine optimization to launch campaigns and video production. We have also optimized and updated the structure and layout of Snellman’s website, which we originally built on Drupal but in 2018 migrated to the current Wordpress platform. The long and fruitful cooperation with Snellman has enabled us to constantly challenge ourselves, experiment, learn and develop.

We have designed and implemented several campaigns for Snellman on an annual basis, including everything from product launches to highlighting product features and company values. We have used various different ways to communicate Snellman’s message; either by involving consumers, collaborating with influencers such as food bloggers, or simply targeting the widest audience possible. 

Together with Snellman’s team of experienced professionals in charge of TV and print advertising, we have brought the idiosyncratic world of Snellman alive on online media. Recently we have taken an interest in uniting the digital and analogical worlds, activating the community in new ways and bringing new service marketing thinking to Snellman’s digital channels.

Competition in the food industry is fierce online and offline, so there is a constant need to maintain the achieved share of voice. In order to increase online presence, we have relied on the Growth Hacking ideology. We have used both digital advertising as well as relevant and interesting content to drive visitors to Snellman’s website in a cost-effective manner.  

We have also designed and produced content for Snellman in text, image, and video format, which have been used for search engine optimization, websites, and various social media channels. Moreover, recipes, blog posts, and cooking tips have been offered to consumers via newsletter.


From the very beginning of our cooperation to the present day, we have been able to increase online presence significantly. The organic number of visitors to Snellman’s website has grown by as much as 2,600%. The total number of website visitors was about 40,000 in 2010, whilst now there are well over 200,000+ visitors each month.

The number of committed consumers has also grown significantly, with the increase of newsletter subscriptions being a great example. In 2010, there were 2,000 newsletter subscribers, whilst now there is a loyal fan base of 100 000 people. Moreover, the opening and click-through rates are the highest in the industry. What’s more, Snellman enjoys a large Facebook community of 64,000 active fans.  

Several of our campaigns have reached hundreds of thousands of consumers and boosted Snellman’s sales in turn. For example, by increasing online presence with Snellman’s Kunnon Pekoni bacon product’s digital launch, we succeeded in boosting Snellman’s sales considerably during the campaign period. With the Kunnon Lenkki sausage launch campaign we were awarded as the most successful online campaign at Grand One, Finland’s largest and most significant competition for digital marketing communications.

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