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The client and why we love them

Ruokaboksi is a Finnish meal kit service which delivers recipes and ingredients for delicious dinners to clients’ doorsteps. Ruokaboksi is an easy way to cook and try out new recipes with zero hassle. Simply put: less time in the grocery store and more time enjoying homemade food with your loved ones. 

Ruokaboksi was one of the first movers in the Finnish meal kit market, bravely answering the grown interest for meal kit services and new consumer trends. That, together with their bold investments, has enabled them to become the market leader. The Ruokaboksi brand holds a strong position in the Finnish market which helps with new competitors coming from left, right and center.

Our cooperation with Ruokaboksi kicked off in late 2020. Ever since we started working together we have loved their ambitious attitude and courage to try different things. The team trusts us and gives us freedom to experiment and find out what works best. There’s no budget, as long as we deliver the results we promise. This enables us to scale their media spend (and thus their business) as much as we want, as long as we deliver results based on the chosen key performance indicator, CAC (customer acquisition cost). For us this is a match made in heaven, as we are not restricted by media spend, and can focus on the essential; to grow our client’s business.

Challenge: finding the right tactics for growth

Ruokaboksi dreams big, and we love it. Their goal is to take over the Finnish market and be the best in their league. However, as a startup, their ambitious plans lacked resources, making it difficult to reach the goals. In addition, Ruokaboksi had struggled with optimizing their media mix for optimal growth and had a hard time finding the right way of working with digital marketing. Thus, they decided to reach out to an agency for help. And that’s how we met. 

The recipe for success

Our work started with analyzing and optimizing Ruokaboksi’s ad accounts, with the focus on Google and Facebook ads. We closely cooperated with the Ruokaboksi sales team to align the ads with their sales pitch and to find insights about the target audience. The main finding was that people buy Ruokaboksi because it is easy and effortless, and a great way to try new foods and recipes with no extra hassle. That’s what we focused on as the key message in our ads. Based on the insights we also crafted a CTA which is very simple, but works wonders. 

Ruokaboksi gave us free hands with the marketing budget and campaigns. The only metric they wanted to keep an eye on was CAC, giving us freedom to experiment and try what works best. By testing, testing and testing, we managed to find the optimal CAC.  

To grow conversions through online channels even more, we came up with new ways to engage the audience. We gave out 10€ discounts for Ruokaboksi and held raffles in which potential customers could win the service for one month. We also created a test for people to find out which product is the best fit to their needs. This generated a lot of online traffic and quality leads with high intention to buy the service. 

At the beginning of the year Ruokaboksi opened new areas for business to reach new customers. We put up location targeted ads to engage potential customers in new areas. In addition, in new areas people could vote for their postal code and become a test customer, resulting in a lot of warm leads and eventually new customers. This provided a soft landing to new locations all over Finland. 

In addition to growing the number of new customers exponentially, our online tactics generated hundreds of thousands of warm leads which we handed over to the Ruokaboksi telemarketing team. Swapping old cold leads for new warm ones in telemarketing was efficient, growing the number of new customers even more. 

In addition to the operational tactics, the Genero way of working with growth sprints proved to be a good match for Ruokaboksi. Combining IT, growth hacking and creative skills in one growth team has resulted in proactive, idea rich and dedicated doing.

Right combo brings results

In just six months we have grown sales and conversions exponentially while keeping the famous CAC under the set budget. New customer acquisition from online channels alone has grown an awesome 340% compared to the previous year. 

As a cherry on top, we have managed to generate hundreds of thousands of new warm leads for telemarketing to further extend Ruokaboksi’s growth. Swapping cold leads for warm ones in telemarketing was a success, resulting in a 11,76% conversion rate. Along the way we’ve also managed to keep the customers happy, scoring a customer satisfaction rate of 4.9/5. 

The collaboration between Genero and Ruokaboksi has worked like magic. It’s a collaboration which doesn’t only look good on paper but also feels good, and a proof that when you combine a client with courage and a proactive and dedicated growth team, you can reach great results. And we’re just getting started.

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Edvin Årefors

Business Director, Sweden

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