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Why we love this client

The website project started at a challenging time for the taxi business. The pandemic shifted the landscape overnight. Yet, the Taksi Helsinki team kept their cool and saw a possibility in the change, where digital services allow them to serve their customers better, increase their sales and make their processes smoother. Taksi Helsinki’s professional team knew the user needs so well that during the project we could focus on simply meeting those needs.

From the first meeting on, Genero had a good grip of the project. As we expected, the professionals gave a good frame to the project. Our wishes were taken into account and each team member knew their responsibilities.

Pia Pouttu, Communication Specialist at Taksi Helsinki


While the principles of a taxi service are simple, there are questions that the customers need answered now and no later. 

Taxi Helsinki’s vision is to be the best service company for both consumers and public sector clients. To serve that vision, our plan was to build a new digital service in line with their renewed brand. The service needed to have clear and quick customer flows to meet the many user needs. 

In addition to the end users, Taxi Helsinki wanted to simplify and better their communication with their drivers and strengthen their services as an employer. 


After the initial assessment of the needs, we customized our process to suit Taksi Helsinki’s needs. We mapped the vision for the service, the objectives, the customer groups and the value paths as well as defined the customer journeys and concepts for the content. Building up from that, we defined the features of the initial launch and created the user interface in line with the brand. 

The site was built on WordPress platform where through integrations we included elements from Taksi Helsinki’s existing services such as price counter and real time wait time for users. We built an extranet to be used by the drivers. Signing up to the extranet is done by Amazon Cognito which is already in use elsewhere.

I’m especially happy with the Genero Care maintenance package. Anything that comes up with the site is resolved quickly as use support or as small development projects as our own needs change. At the end of the day, the most important thing is the life after the project and that the service works as it should. I now feel carefree and confident about the site.

Pia Pouttu, Communication Specialist at Taksi Helsinki


During the project Taksi Helsinki’s needs grew slightly, so we made a decision to postpone the release date and increase the budget accordingly. After the release the project team gained praise for the visuals of the service as well as the user experience from partners, drivers and customers. The co-operation with Taksi Helsinki continues according to the Genero Care process.

I’m happy to recommend Genero as a website project partner. Tiia and others kept everything on track and the project was followed through with great professionalism. I’ve seen failed projects before and this was not one of them.

Pia Pouttu, Communication Specialist at Taksi Helsinki

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