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Together we grow

Our great co-operation resulted in:







Why we love this client

How things start off often sets the tone for the entire relationship. With Halti, the job of creating a growing and profitable e-commerce business and increasing online sales has been fun from the very start. Since our cooperation kicked off in the spring of 2019 we have been in awe not only of their passion for business, sports, and finding new ways to connect people to nature, but also of their hunger for growth and innovation.

Working with the Halti e-commerce team has always been enjoyable as it feels as if friends come together for one cause; growing a classic Finnish brand into a global e-commerce powerhouse using a combination of growth hacking, SEO, SEM, and creativity.


Halti launched its online store in 2015, during which it generated lower-than-expected results. Therefore, our objective was to find new ways to increase online sales by growing Halti’s e-commerce business in terms of revenue whilst keeping Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC*) relative to revenue at a profitable level.

The second objective was to increase brand awareness to turn the webshop into an integral part of the company’s revenue funnel, help in product development, and support resellers with increased demand.


With the objective of increasing online sales, the strategy focused on driving volume via paid channels and optimizing towards a good CAC in relation to revenue, followed by volume maximization at the defined CAC level. We set out to focus on SEO to lower customer acquisition costs and thereby increase the amount of ”free” online sales. As a result, we would be able to raise the media spend to boost growth and increase volume. 

By analyzing attribution models and the impact different channels have on assisted conversions, we were able to utilize a comprehensive media mix for increasing brand awareness in the target market. We also developed multiple creative approaches and concepts to improve Halti’s brand awareness globally. Moreover, we decided to experiment with new undervalued channels, making us one of the very first to do so. 

By mapping search queries and evaluating their potential profitability, we were able to launch complexly-structured, keyword-rich accounts for paid search. The content and landing pages were also targeted and optimized for each specific keyword to ensure a high-quality score. 

When generating awareness and demand, the focus was placed on Facebook and Instagram advertising – combined with other display advertising means of course. Facebook and Instagram advertising was not only effective in boosting brand awareness, but also in increasing online sales and revenue.

”By using data and advanced matching, we were able to increase the size of the relevant audience and optimize towards conversions. We also continuously tested new creatives and placements to ensure the best results. Furthermore, we took weather and seasonal effects into consideration when deciding on what products to advertise and when.”  


Since we started working together with Halti, online sales have increased significantly, with lower CAC and massively higher ROAS compared to the initial budget.

Increased online visibility and demand also helps Halti resellers in a situation, where climate change makes seasonal sales numbers less predictable and helps Halti develop products with a more data-driven approach.

Together with Halti, we have created more profit, more awareness, more connections, and more opportunities to connect with nature.

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Ville Silventola

Sales Director, Finland

Edvin Årefors

International Sales Director

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