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Hot topics now: Total growth and Share of Search Our Swedish Business Director Edvin Årefors tells what's up in Stockholm.
My 1st ever blogpost for Genero Our COO Mikaela Nyman tells about her growth story at Genero.
Data-driven growth marketing
Data-driven growth Are you unsure if you are using the right kind of messages in your marketing? Do you want to make sure you are targeting the right consumers? Want more efficient media buying?
Miksi digimarkkinointisi onnistuminen on kiinni sen relevanssista?
Why being relevant can make or break your digital marketing efforts? What is relevancy and why does it matter in marketing?
Gratis konsultering för att hjälpa i utmanande tider
Free consultation meeting for difficult times Nobody knows what will happen, but together we can make it out alive.
Tutustu uuteen toimistoomme Tukholmassa!
Welcome to our new office in Stockholm We have opened a new office in Stockholm!
Rauhallista joulua ja onnellista uutta vuotta! 1
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020! It's time to relax and spend time with your loved ones. Genero wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!
Genero sai Great Place to Work -sertifikaatin 2
Great Place to Work certification granted to Genero Genero is a great place to work, now also on paper!
Halti hakee kansainvälistä kasvua verkosta Generon kanssa
Halti seeks global growth from the web with Genero Genero has partnered with the Nordic outdoor apparel company Halti to drive powerful online growth.
Morgondagens Hjältar - Made By Arcada
The Heroes of Tomorrow – Made By Arcada We got the honor to create Arcada's powerful fundraising campaign.
Mediatalo A-lehdet vahvistaa ditaalista osaamistaan ostamalla osuuden kasvumarkkinointitoimisto Generosta 1
The Finnish media house A-lehdet strengthens its digital expertise by buying a share of the growth marketing company Genero The deepened collaboration ensures even better digital services and experiences.