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E-commerce Growth Method by Genero

Grow your e-commerce business with higher profitability and more predictability by focusing on the things that matter.

After 15 years and 300+ cases, we’ve learned a thing or two about profitable marketing. Now we finally combined all the strategies, tactics, and tools into one standardized way of working. We call it the E-commerce Growth Method.

Revenue is great. Marketing metrics are useful.

But at the end of the day, contribution margin (GM3 in technical terms) is what really matters.

Growth simulation

Set clear financial goals. Forecast revenue and profit. Find the right balance between acquisition and retention. Get recommended media investment in channels for desired profitability, and focus on the things that matter.

Digital assessment and business analysis

Distractions are everywhere. We help you identify the biggest bottlenecks and hidden opportunities, so you can focus your budget and time on what brings the most profitable growth.

See how it’s done

Best-in-class digital marketing

Our team has managed over 100 million euros in digital ad spend. We help grow your business through paid social media, SEO, paid search, CRO, and email marketing.

About us

Genero is a strategic and operational growth agency. We’ve worked with 50+ e-commerce brands, from multibillion-euro stores to bootstrapped startups. We partner with management and entrepreneurs to drive profitable, sustainable growth through effective marketing.

Book a free demo

We love talking about this stuff with brand owners and marketing/business leaders!

Fill out the form to schedule a live demonstration of the E-commerce Growth Method with one of our growth experts.

P.S. Marketing isn’t everything. We work with brands that have strong business fundamentals:

  • Happy customers
  • 3+ million euros in annual revenue
  • One year of historical data and preferably more
  • A willingness to experiment and test e.g. different creative assets