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Mediatalo A-lehdet vahvistaa ditaalista osaamistaan ostamalla osuuden kasvumarkkinointitoimisto Generosta 1

The Finnish media house A-lehdet strengthens its digital expertise by buying a share of the growth marketing company Genero

The deepened collaboration ensures even better digital services and experiences.

A-lehdet has bought a 49 percent stake in the rapidly-growing growth marketing company Genero. The purchase strengthens the B2B service offering of A-lehdet while Genero’s customers benefit especially from the media house’s expertise in content creation and from its broad reach among consumers both in digital and printed media. The partnership also aims to develop new digital products and services in order to better meet the needs of advertisers.

“We are truly excited about being able to offer our customers marketing services that are even more versatile than before. With the purchase, our strong expertise in content creation is complemented by Genero’s expertise in digital marketing,” says the delighted A-lehdet CEO Kaisa Ala-Laurila.

A-lehdet offers business customers both a number of strong media channels as well as a varied set of services ranging from content and channel strategies to content planning, production and distribution. The purchase brings A-lehdet more expertise especially in result-driven digital marketing and website design. A-lehdet and Genero will kick off their partnership by planning and piloting collaborative projects designed to increase the value of their customers’ marketing path.

“Ever since we started Genero, our aim has been to make sure that regardless of what the channel is, we can deliver our customers the best results possible. Our company’s rapid growth in the past few years certainly proves that there is a need for companies like us – for digital marketing companies that combine strategic, creative and technical know-how with data-based marketing. The competition online is such that your content needs to be excellent, not just good enough, and that is why it is great that we are now part of a content house that is going digital fast. Together with A-lehdet we are able to take our customers’ marketing communication to the next level and give their target groups content that is truly interesting,” comments Genero CEO Rasmus Östman.

For more information, contact:

A-lehdet Oy, CEO Kaisa Ala-Laurila, +358 40 777 9212

Genero Oy, CEO Rasmus Östman, +358 40 742 9523

A-lehdet group is a bold, forward-looking media house that has through the years grown into an expert in housing and health and become a pioneer of digital influencing. A-lehdet Group consists of the parent company A-lehdet Oy and its subsidiaries Finnish Design Shop Oy and Oma Terveys Oy. Last year the group had a turnover of 102,5 million euros.

Genero Oy is a growth marketing agency focused on measurable, result-driven digital marketing. Genero’s customers include Fonecta, Unilever, Snellman, OK Perintä and Friends & Brgrs. The company’s turnover last year was 3,5 million euros.

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