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Episode #35

Polestar is an electric car company known for its minimalistic design and technological innovations. We talked with CMO Åsa Borg about building a global brand, running a Super Bowl ad, the importance of design, her proudest moments & biggest challenges, and more.

This post is based on our podcast episode with Åsa Borg. Åsa is the Chief Marketing Officer at Polestar. You can watch the entire conversation here.

1. Building in-house capabilities

Polestar has chosen to bring its creative and media work in-house, which aligns with its online direct-to-consumer selling strategy. This approach allows for quick responses and close alignment with the business. The team handles everything from CRM to paid channels, which ensures a cohesive brand experience.

Initially, they tried different agency models but found that having an in-house team was more effective. This setup not only speeds up processes but also allows adaptability, especially important in unique markets like Korea or China.

2. Running a Super Bowl ad

Polestar’s decision to run a Super Bowl was a significant leap forward in their marketing efforts. With very little planning, they jumped on the opportunity to increase their brand presence in the U.S., a market where they were rapidly expanding.

Polestar’s approach was to tell its brand story with a focus on design and product features. The campaign’s ‘no compromises’ theme resonated, sparking conversations and making Polestar one of the top-searched words on Google in the U.S. during the event, alongside Super Bowl and Tom Brady.

The campaign’s success was evident not just in brand awareness and web traffic but also in tangible outcomes like increased car sales and interest in joining the Polestar team. It’s an example of how a well-executed and bold advertising move can pay off.

3. The importance of design

Polestar’s brand identity is deeply influenced by its CEO Thomas, a former car designer. His understanding of the importance of strong branding and design ensures that design is a key part not just of the cars, but in every aspect of the company.

This design-centric approach extends beyond aesthetics, with a significant impact on Polestar’s marketing success. Beautifully designed cars naturally attract more attention, enhancing the effectiveness of media investments. Åsa pointed out that as a marketer and brand professional, working with such high-quality products is a joy as it multiplies the effectiveness of marketing strategies. Thoughtful design is not just an important aspect of product development, but a key driver of marketing effectiveness and brand awareness.

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Watch episode: Building the car brand of the future

Building the car brand of the future with Polestar CMO – Youtube transcript

today I’m joined by OA B Chief marketing officer at postar postar is a Swedish luxury electric vehicle brand selling its cars online in over 25 markets around the world welcome to the show Osa thank you so much for having me so I think probably most if not all of What is Polestar? our listeners have seen the postar cars driving around and they’re beautiful cars very well designed I’m sure we’re going to get to that that piece of it but um I don’t think people really know the background uh maybe you know they know there’s maybe some connection to Volvo but I would love if you could briefly just kind of give us an overview of you know what is postar how did this all uh come to be yeah that’s it’s good with some background um um we’re quite a new brand we’re startup in the one of the most competitive industry the automotive Industries um focusing on electric vehicles only uh you’re right we’re part of um we have owners from Volvo cars and uh also J uh but we’re listed as a separate company and um so we operate uh as a totally different unit so it’s more or less starting up uh a company from from scratch where we still have a light asset model that we call it we’re using some you know factories some of the development things uh within the group uh but from a commercial perspective we’re independent got it we also have a very unique uh business models we actually sell direct and online so it’s not only that we come into the market with a very unique offer selling only EVS but we also do it sending online and direct which is very different from the traditional Automotive model using retailer so that uh is a unique setup in itself although many are now going in that direction yeah we definitely want to talk about that business model um you joined from you joined as poster CMO from Volvo uh what was it that made you how did this opportunity come about and and were you hesitate hesitant at all or was this something you just sleeped at immediately uh yeah Vol cars is a fantastic company and there are lot of great opportunities I had at the time just um joined uh a new uh part of the busing working with subscriptions selling again direct and online um and working more on the operational part so as a CEO of that unit uh but then when I got the question of you know taking part of this fantastic Journey starting up uh more or less from scratch um with this fantastic brand it was still quite an easy decision to to join it’s a it’s a great company and opportunity so it’s quite easy yeah it’s for sure once in a lifetime opportunity yes um could you could you take us back to when you first joined um as a fresh CMO of this new car brand and as you said in a very competitive market and you’re trying to build this Global new brand what were the first things that were was on your agenda like oh this is these are things I need to work on I need to fix prioritize these things in order for us to be successful how did you kind of think about the priorities for the first year or so yeah so I think this takes us back like three and a half years now that I’ve been with the company and uh uh so now we have looking back we have matured a lot since then but at the time it was again to really understand you know most companies in the automotive industry has been there for Century or decades at least and now we have zero awareness we don’t have the retailer so it’s again the model of selling Direct online starting it all up from scratch with zero brand awareness and at the same time we had a super ambitious growth plan so it’s about launching several products the Posta 2 three four five six and expanding then to do almost 30 markets in a really short time so my job at the time and the priorities were really to look at what we had in place and then also see where what’s the operative model what team do we need to have and you know really set the the the strategy and the tactics to to go about this uh aggressive growth plan and reaching the sales Target um you know with all these prerequisites at hand so that was the first first part um in addition to getting to know the brand and the people of course which is crucial there’s so much there to for us Building a global brand to kind of unpack but but let’s start for instance with the brand awareness piece you’ve mentioned you had zero awareness uh going to the market what have you learned in terms of you know strategies or tactics that you’ve used in order to you know Build That Brand awareness I think it’s it’s um in in our case it’s been to to have high Ambitions quickly so we need to you need to you know grow not only the Eevee which is has different maturity in different markets um and also the brand which at my when I joined we had started in a few markets but it was really zero in a lot of markets so it’s we divided actually the markets in different ways of going about it depending on how mature the market was and how much we need to explain the whole e uh package and uh also the awareness but uh we’ve had very um clear ambition that in order to drive sales long term so you need to build the brand awareness so it’s that focus of long term at the same time as we grown then in the more tactical and um ways of working as well okay that’s interesting so you you recognize that some markets we need to focus on creating awareness and building the category and others we can just focus purely on customer acquisition yeah no not only actually because we still that not that known I think in the Nordic markets we’re a bit more known and but in some markets we still have quite a journey to do um on the awareness part but we see the big effect of you need to fall in love with a brand is cars is still a not something you buy uh it’s not the fmcg or you know you you need to have the long-term thinking and the in order to drive long-term sales so uh you need to have some patience and you will not see the quick effects uh always uh from from your activities absolutely how did you think about then building that long-term brand Affinity so that people when they you know years down the uh down the road when they make a new car purchase they’re going to choose your brand and then maybe a related question is how did you think about kind of using the Volvo Legacy was that something you considered at all cuz I remember first time myself first time seeing the poar C I was like I’ve never seen this brand before but it looks a lot reminds me of Volvo like the chassis the it reminds me of Volvo so how did you think about that piece now but the very first poster was actually a hybrid it was the poster one which had rest had more similarities with Volvo cars I think since then and since with with the Posta 2o and going forward it’s independent design and uh and Company uh also from a brand perspective so we’re very separate or nothing thing that we work together on really so it’s a clear positioning and and I think the strength that we have going in new to this Market is that we also have a brand that uh is built very much on design uh it’s very much about the product The Innovation sustainability where we have a super strong agenda um so we have a brand that we need to talk to the consumers about long term uh so they can also fall in love in currently the poosa 2 but also all the products to come got it so that was isent design and and kind of all the work you’re doing about sustainability were those kind of the two core ingredients in in terms of thinking about the postal branding your positioning yeah design for sure but it’s also a lot about performance we’re born out of a Performance Brand from the beginning it’s about sustainability but also Innovation and Tech so um we started early with you know the Google corporation and and you know to make sure we have work with Partners to be in the Forefront on different unique techniques so not always doing it all by ourselves but also partnering in different areas you mentioned you’ve been at poera How the EV market has changed over the years for for over three years have you seen any major changes in the market I’m thinking specifically of like consumer attitudes towards like have have have you succeeded in kind of educating customers about range anxiety and all those things or how has the market changed no it’s a very good question and and uh we talked about it here in the office the other day that in the beginning we got a lot of questions on so do you really only do EVs and uh that was sort of a bit suspicious but now these days no one is asking that I think the whole industry is now transforming um so that’s of course uh you could argue you lose a bit of unique position but also it makes uh the shift and transformation a bit easier you don’t the range anxiety all of that with the infrastructure grow growing much quicker is also helping uh you can see that this is still an industry that is quite incentive driven with different market so I think we you also need on more and more people test drive they will also see the benefit and and the joy of driving electric cars and then especially post Stars which is a fantastic experience So It’s tricky to drive something else after you driven an evv I think I had the experience uh using this was actually a Volvo hybrid so it’s not poar but uh as a rental car and um yeah it’s hard it’s hard to go back I think after that it’s uh it’s incredible yeah um speaking of awareness kind of and Polestar’s successful Super Bowl ad tactics or strategies there last year you ran a Super Bowl ad which is I think you know that’s very few I safe to say you’re the first guest on this podcast who has ever done a Super Bowl ad so I think that’s that’s very exciting um it was called No compromises I think it was a great ad so I’m going to put the the link in in the show notes but can you talk a little bit about kind of the Insight behind that the messaging and how how this all came came to be yeah I think that’s probably a whole talk in itself because it was a a great journey and and uh I have to admit that it was not years or even months of planning uh behind it uh we got the opportunity uh and the timing felt um it was a bet of course because it’s a huge investment from so it requires the whole company to to stand behind it but we were at the time uh expanding quickly in the US uh opening a lot of our spaces in different areas of us um with very low brand awareness and I mean Super Bowl is still an event for the American and Canadian audience tune in to TV to actually look at advertising so it’s it is a good opportunity at the same time it’s usually crowded with uh with car brands it’s celebrities it’s fun and you know people expect to be entertained in a way so uh also not being always inspired by the automotive industry but we’re also looking outside and and you know how do you make an impact there uh so I think we managed to create something here um internally that actually told the brand story but it was still product and and very much about design and how nerdy we are with the design and you know product and features uh but still sparking a bit of conversation um so it’s um with the no compromises the whole strategy and mechanics in the campaign was to say no about a lot of things and we could see that that sparked an interest we were the most searched among the top 10 during the day I think we were up there in the top searched word in Google in US together with Super Bowl and Tom Brady and a lot of other uh and same with the web traffic it just went through the roof and there you could see the answers to all the nose so we had to turn the nose into answers so you had the sustainability answer you had why we not sending people to March we we think we have things to solve here and you know there were a few hints to the industry uh that sparked the conversation is social and that created an interest and we could also see from external research that we um were among the strongest creative during the Super Bowl so it worked we didn’t have to pay celebrities to break through we did it in this way so we were very happy and and you know it’s not only the brand awareness that took us to a new level it was also the uh we sold cars we had a lot of interest to come and uh join postar as an employee and you know so it had a lot of effects I’m been proud and and so forth so it was a good looking back it was a huge huge effort in a really short time but uh it was for sure worth it yeah I think I me as you kind of mentioned there I think the creative strategy of making those kind of you know talking about some of the things happening in the industry and and and you specifically one of your competitors but also kind of tying it back to your USB and how you’re thinking about the product I think creative creatively was very well done um very impressive you did it only in a matter of few weeks um yeah so let’s go into that a little bit is that kind of indicative of how you’re Agencies vs in-house thinking about Marketing in general at pollar as being very agile and kind of seizing opportunities as they come yeah I I think we have learned we have tested a few different models of working but we have decided to inhouse the creative work and also part of the media work uh it suits our model with selling direct and online it’s quick it’s agile it’s the same team who is close to the bit business um uh that can see even though we you know we evaluate longterm but we can also see some quick changes that we need to do and when you’re that close to the brand and you live and breath it and you have passionate people then uh they they and they get inspired elsewhere than only from the automotive industry they um they um so it works really well it’s fast it’s efficient and um so that has suited our our way working at least and they also serve all channels which I think is important it’s do it’s CRM it’s our own channel it’s paid and so so um it all ties together it’s not different agencies doing different parts of it but it’s one team one Machinery almost sometimes that even though we’re a small team that’s really interesting because like you said if you if you hadn’t had this model you probably would not have been able to do do it on such short notice so was this a conscious decision from the very beginning that we are going to build this in-house um capabilities when it comes to media and creative oh we had we have t tested a few different agency setups but I think in the end we always had a few creative resources in house and we sometimes ended up doing parts of it ourselves anyway so we came to a stage where we just felt that yeah let’s go for this now and then may we maybe change our mind in the future but for now this this works and it’s the same with the media so the the lower or the programmatics uh purchase is the lower part of the fund that were around for all the all the markets except um you know a few who have their own platforms um locally like Korea or China for instance do you find that it’s hard I Building a funnel and managing complexity mean just on a personal level to kind of keep track of this massive complexity because you literally I mean on one hand on one day you’re planning this massive broad top of the funnel media awareness push in the Super Bowl ad and the next day you may be focusing on programmatic and and trying to get like um you know test drives in in Germany or some you know you find it hard to keep track of this entire um this massive complexity yeah but I think that’s also part of why people like working here I think it’s because you get that full picture and you see how it all ties together so I think that’s actually part of the the passion people have here because they see the links of what they do it’s close to the business they see results so it’s super complex and it could be you know especially in these times when there are different macro effects um coming in it is super complex and it’s not that we have the quick purchase thing either so you need you need to have confidence in your funnel and and and your data and and how you work could you talk a little bit about how you kind of built up that funnel that data and and to get that like you said confidence because it is a long very long um sales cycle but because of your business model theoretically you should be able to measure everything and and kind of figure out you know what’s driving which kind of efforts and channels are driving what kind of results so how have you gone about building up that um that data and that getting that confidence we um we have built it up so we have it all in one um one place we’re actually moving away from that to system wise and things like that but we try to get a global overview um but then we also have um local markets who do an incredibly important job of doing all the test drives events uh they spend parts of the marketing uh locally so of course this is a global teamwork in the and it’s not that we all sit here in the headquarter and do do all the work Market it’s a great and fantastic efforts in all the markets um but we uh put in all spend we’re doing and categorize it and measure then uh all the time we have a certain brand tracker that measures every month or they do interviews every week measure every month uh but then we also um of course measure search with web traffic configuration of cars test drives orders so um and we work very closely with sales to have some kpis that we follow and then a lot of other metrics that we that we look at um but but in the end it’s it’s about orders and and profitability of course I can I can really see how it would be really exciting to work at postar because compared to like the traditional setup where you’re just doing brand campaigns and some other activities and you kind of just have to wait and see and hope that something happens but if you can actually look at track on a monthly basis these top of final but also bottom of final metrics and try to influence all of them that that’s a lot more exciting uh at least to me and I guess the team yeah it’s super exciting and it comes with a lot of responsibility uh to the teams of course it’s a huge responsibility you cannot really blame someone else it’s about U it’s it’s a full team but it but it’s a lot of efforts that needs to go into marketing and then It’s Tricky again coming back to the macro environment and and it feels like we have had a lot of that uh the last couple of years if it’s not covid or semiconductors or you know Wars inflation recession so uh I mean sometimes it would be nice with just normal normal work yeah yeah I mean you’ve been you said you’ve been at three years it’s been the last three years have been there’s been a lot of macro stuff happening yeah yeah um so Media and channel choices you’re building This Global brand and um what have you learned what have you learned about media and and and Channel choices um specifically is there any Market where you noticed that okay it’s it’s enough for us to rely on digital channels more let’s say more bottom of the funnel stuff or do you Fe find that those traditional uh whether it’s you know a Super Bowl ad or just out of home or or traditional media print or or or uh TV is needed to create that awareness but also that credibility I mean we are we are actually reviewing that as we speak to see how we can maybe now when we have matured in some markets maybe change our tactics a bit uh still this is a very emotional buying you you do you need to tell make sure people come to our site or to our spaces we can also tell the longer story and and you know really explain the not only the product but the the brand and and you know efficient and that’s tricky to do with the in a second or two in in very tactical targeted messaging and no one knows who you are so I I think it’s still that combination that will be required long term to and also for us having more products we have a poster two now so some gets are familiar with that one but the Fantastic products we have leading up to the five and the six which are more luxurious Niche cars uh it’s also show the direction where the brand is going so I think we need to constantly tell and remind about the brand and the story and what we believe in um um so to go only tactical and targeted I think we’re not there yet and it doesn’t really suit the the category I think either it’s a very emotional we’re an emotional brand and and uh we have a lot to tell so it’s that finding that good balance which will be important for success I think that makes a lot of sense Competition and the future um how are you thinking about how are you thinking about um positioning and competitiveness for the future uh recently this must have been the last couple of weeks I noticed in Finland that they had byd from China open up some kind of showroom and I think they just launched there so the market I mean you have you know companies coming in from China you have obviously Tesla um you have the Legacy automakers who are making big uh pushes towards EV and in the middle of that you know you got postar so how are you thinking about the future and and just that you know more complexity makes youve got government incentives are coming and going and probably changing by market so in the in the midst of all of that this um how how are you thinking about kind of creating a defensible position for for postar no but I think that’s that’s a fair question we’re actually going about to do a big um to learn much more especially in us we’re doing a big study as we speak now to make sure we resonate and you know we find the Right audience and there that we positioned especially for the future products um in a good way um and we’re constantly tracking them the brand relevance and and you know the product relevance but it is uh very important going forward uh of course to to keep that constant relevant and highlight the things in the product and also in the brand that that would resonate but um but again the competition is increasing and there are good things with that and it’s also of course uh some of them coming in super aggressive on on on price and so forth but they also have a journey to do on you know telling who they are and we’re not competing in the mass Market segment where it’s only about price so I think uh that will always differ us from some of the others coming in you mentioned uh you know you’re doing this this uh brand study or this study in in the US um is there anything you’ve learned about localization and any kind of big changes that you’ve had to make uh based on you know specific Market uh in terms of your messaging your positioning or is it kind of are you able to have this overall Brand Story to be the same even though you’re in over 25 markets around the world yeah I think it depends uh I think you can be locally relevant uh locally I think we’re very product focused and uh so in that sense it’s also easier to be relevant we also always do our communication and in a quite Timeless way placeless uh it’s a so it’s not that we’re trying to push a lifestyle uh on our customers so put our communication in a certain lifestyle we think most of our customer have a lify that they’re happy with so I think we’re portraying the cars usually in in a way that is quite easy to take out on a global level um so that helps um actually so for now it’s it’s it’s Global and and maybe that will change in the future but for now it’s uh Global and we roll it out in that way yeah I think you know design is a core part of your brand you know about the brand and design good design is appreciated around the world yes it’s it’s very Universal and the sustainability agenda is of course um important more important in some markets but it’s actually coming in more and more markets that that’s important and and performance and Innovation is sort of also relevant throughout um so I think we come with a brand that is resonates quite well on a global level totally um what have you learned what have you seen about uh could Word of mouth and community imagine like you said when you drive a poar when you drive an EV it’s a great experience so um you know when someone buys it presumably some of their you know the buyer friends are going to go try and they’re going to maybe have that kind of similar experience so what have you seen about when it comes to referrals and Word of Mouth is that a huge big driver for you in terms of new customer acquisition how how does that piece fit into what you’re kind of doing um on the marketing side of things we have a super strong Community uh that are sharing things and are very engaged so that’s an important group that we work with and then the referal program we had in place last year I think and that’s also proven very successful so we have some really good brand ambassadors out there so they they’re good and important for us I want to go back to uh design How Polestar thinks about design because has come up of a lot of times I think an interesting thing about postar is that your CEO Thomas is he has a background as a car designer um so can you talk about how kind of that has shaped um the overall brand and how you’re thinking about design yeah I think that’s actually crucial for for who we are and and uh that we manage to be is so strong on the brand because I think to have a CEO who understands and you know maybe better than many of us the importance of a strong brand and design helps us being that consistent in every touch Point that’s how we build our our spaces around the world that’s what how we do the communication it’s in our offices it’s it’s everywhere so uh and he’s also very much involved in in in the work and in the approval process um and I think also having a background as a car designer he knows the passion that goes into designing the cars and also our designer maximilan Miss I think he’s also very involved in how we portray the cars to make sure they come out as he had planned so to speak so it’s it’s a huge team effort across the company and um thas is very much involved in all of that and and uh challeng us and and um supporting in that sense so that’s key to the success of poster I think I mean absolutely and it must be helpful to have that kind of nordstar design Bo you know being that Northstar and it’s it’s really encoded into the company’s DNA yeah and I I guess that just having really thoughtful elegant design is kind of works as a multiplier for all your media Investments because if you have a beautiful car I mean you’re going to the awareness that you get is is going to be much higher than if you you have some you know more generic card that you’re trying to push in these same channels yeah yeah for sure it’s it’s fantastic as a marketeer and and and BR brand person to work with fantastic products of course so it’s it’s it’s a true Joy how how do you though how how are you able to balance that when when you’re you’re managing the whole funnel so you’re doing everything from these big Investments and in top of funnel but you’re also doing these tactical things is your do you have very clear guidelines for the teams uh whether it’s local or or the global teams in terms of um in terms of the creatives and and and and things like that uh to make sure that there’s design is always at the Forefront yes I mean there are no local um creative all the creative work is done here and approved here by the team so uh if there are local deviations it always uh needs to be approval from here uh but we always try to work also with the markets they are very creative and Innovative in finding fantastic places to be in and then we have our brand and content team who really work with the markets to make sure we can do those fantastic out of home or whatever opportunities they they come across so it’s still a great teamwork to make sure we we not only package two kits and and have hand over to the markets but we try to be in those fantastic places whether it’s big super big out of homes in in China or or taking over big squares in Austria or train stations in Italy where we would find fantastic locations it’s um it’s a true teamw workk locally and centrally to to do that got it do you would you say that you’re currently in kind of the testing phase where you’re experimenting you Testing and learning mentioned a couple examples there you’re just experimenting with a lot of things or have you already started to going to build this Playbook of like oh this is how we’re going to work in different markets depending on their maturity this is when we’re going to do these media placements or these types of activities what kind of um what kind of stage would you say that you’re in right now yeah I think I think we as a company are also exploring constantly and challenging and testing uh but we do learn a lot and especially you know being a new brand and and you make sure that we people remember us and see us so we do a lot of testing creative wise and uh um and we’re also adapting a bit on the maturity of markets um so we’re still exploring still testing but we have learned and we’re constantly learning and I think that’s crucial because also they the society is Shifting and so forth but we have different it’s not one siiz fits all it’s very different depending on on the maturity of market and we’re still so new we launched a few of our markets last year so um it’s uh and then we’re still niche in in a few markets with EV so it’s definitely a bit different in all compared to Norway where which is among you know the most EVS per capita in the world so that that’s for sure very different in in markets like that absolutely uh speaking of markets I mean it’s the poer is a quite new brand and you’re already in some over 25 markets in around the world what was that decision to kind of Go Global from the very beginning um as opposed to focusing on a select number of you know not obviously Norway is a is an exception but but you know let’s say focusing on Northern Europe or or Europe in general what was the decision um to what was what was the Insight kind of behind that decision to go Europe us you know Asia from the very beginning I think that decision was actually a bit taken before my time it’s like I mean exactly when we started to execute on that so I I but it’s again there were in the past it was mainly Tesla who were a global player and there were not a lot of the others they were either locally us or or China mainly and we become sort of the the next one to go Global and now I think we can see that more are doing that but it so it was part of a very aggressive grow CL when it comes to to markets and products and and uh growing big in in a short time uh and it seems to have paid paid off the strategy yeah it it’s uh been a lot of hard work but it’s it pays off and uh it’s great it’s a lot of fun uh also I’d love to ask just a couple of uh kind of Rapid Fire questions here to to run things off um first what’s been your best moment kind of proudest best moment so far at at postar I think yeah it’s It’s tricky to rank and sometimes those moments are the small ones you know that you celebrate every day but of course as a company we’ve had a few moments when we listed on NASDAQ or did a Super Bowl but as a car company it’s the car launches usually I mean it’s a fantastic moment how the whole company comes together for revealing uh all the secrecy all the leading up to and then how you reveal it and hopefully see the Fantastic uh you know applauds from the world uh but also the all the work that goes into it uh not only the whole development of the car but also from our perspective you know having the the site up and the the uh campaigns going and uh the CRM and the social you know the whole team effort of making all those moments whether there is a car launch or super bone or listing that’s that fantastic moments I think and it because it requires so many people it’s not the oneman show or a fiveman show it’s it’s a true cross compan team effort which is a lot of fun I can only imagine how incredibly emotional those like launches must be because you know that there’s so much work that’s gone into and you try to make sure that everything’s perfect and then you get to launch this into the world and see people’s reaction as they’re seeing this for the first time must be very proud proud moments yeah yeah it is okay uh second question you already mentioned this uh which is the the listing on ndaq so how has being a public company how did that impact how the you know your work did it impact how does it how is it different now um how did you think about that yeah and and for for our team I think it’s not uh uh a Major Impact uh of course it’s a lot of things you need to relate to when it comes to information when you share things uh so forth uh and I guess as a signal to the whole organization that you sort of grew up you become a listed company and that comes with the responsibility on a on a few things when it comes to processes documentation things like that so I think it’s that and uh but for for my area I should say it’s it’s less of an impact than than before but um for sure as a company it’s it’s big yeah you’re maturing a little bit in in a way that’s that’s what I’ve absolutely yeah um okay next question what’s been the biggest challenge so far um yeah in addition to all the macro things that we already touched upon uh which I think has been a big challenge I think it’s it’s still you know starting something from scratch especially with some people coming from you know an automotive industry where a lot of things are in place where it’s also run in a different way um also for myself when I started you expect a few things to be in place but hey you actually need to put them in place or all the customer communication when they do different things and take them through the Journey uh it’s a huge it’s a huge learning and you know uh huge team effort to get all of that in place and the other thing about not being known if you worked for other companies that been around and all of a sudden no one knows and you know that’s your world and you think everyone knows and then to to grow that uh and the effort it takes uh is uh so that’s a huge challenge but I think that’s also part of of the whole journey of of setting all of this in place and but it’s still a huge challenge for sure yeah I can only imagine um you we mentioned we talked a little bit about the the team you’ve built this great in-house in house team do you have any personal Frameworks or or tricks or strategies when when it comes to hiring like how do you get identify and then attract those the the very best talent that you need um to build build a poar as a global brand uh I have to admit that there is no strategy or tactic I many of them were here when I came or everyone who most of them are still around actually they were fantastic people and we have jointly built teams locally and centrally um but I think it’s more the brand I think that attracts and also again the closeness to the business that you can influence what you do where’re so small but you can still do big things like a super bowl or or you know big creative work there is not a lot of Frameworks we’re very creative and Innovative so you can as a Creator you can there are really no limits and and you can explore things um but it’s a lot about finding passionate people I think to work here you you probably need to uh have a few things in mind you know being that design D and that nerdy it’s not that we do things 80% or 90 or even 99% it’s Pixel Perfect and that’s not for everyone I can I can tell you uh so the the whole design uh thing and and the passion to um constantly have poster in mind and not build your own agenda I think is crucial so we look at a lot on the personality uh we’re not always looking for the superstars but the passionate people who um who can work in in an environment like this so um that’s I think I don’t know if that answers your question but there’s no hiring strategy but you need to have passion for the brand I think that’s uh that’s crucial yeah and I I guess there’s a lot of people who who have that passion and for the right person I think it sounds like ban poar is really uh a unique amazing opportunity yeah last question is there anything about postar that you wish that people like some underappreciated or unknown fact about the cars or or or or anything about the company that you wish that more people would know I think I think they the whole sustainability agenda is one thing that is much bigger than you know the the empty words that some or statements that some companies have but I think it’s more getting into the cars I think the true passion and the you know when I drive myself or when I go with one of our professional drivers is just a such an amazing experience and the whole performance comes in to a new dimension also for not coron nerds but but you know it’s uh it’s something and the whole designed interior all of that so getting into our cars I I wish more uh and I hope going forward that even more have the opportunity to experience that we also now post at two and three and four coming so that’s that would be great that’s a yeah that that’s um that’s that’s a really good I think like you said I think I guess that’s the kind of that’s the aha moment is when you get into the car and you get to drive it um I think before You’ had that it doesn’t really make a lot of sense or not as much sense now just to sit in it makes a good start but then to drive it it’s uh then you get the extra Dimension but when you get the acceleration when you feel that instant torque it’s like wow this is what they’re talking about yeah um Osa thank you so much for joining us it’s been a real pleasure um for people who want to learn more about of course postar you can go to the website I think guest book your kind of test drives and learn more and then for people who want to follow you is LinkedIn in the best way to connect and and to follow what your definitely Linkin is perfect okay I’ll post U I’ll add the the link to the in the show notes as well as the link to the Super Bowl ad people should go check it out I think it’s uh it’s creatively Crea creatively it’s one of the I think it’s a really really good ad so um good job on that and and I think it’s really exciting to see um a Swedish team and Swedish kind of car brand taking on this category and becoming a global brand um it’s really exciting exciting to see that from the sidelines here so good luck good luck to you and the team I hope U wish you all nothing but success for the future yeah thank you so much and thank you for having me great great show you have thank you thank you for listening you can find all episodes of the growth pod on Spotify YouTube and Apple [Music] podcasts

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