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Unlock the Power of ChatGPT in a day

Want to learn how to utilize AI and ChatGPT for your business, and build your own GPT model in a day?

Join us in a personalised one-day workshop and learn how to master AI-powered creativity, improve productivity, and future-proof your business.

  • Learn from AI specialists with deep industry knowledge
  • Explore AI implementation for your business in 2024
  • Develop your own proof-of-concept ChatGPT model tailored for your marketing needs
  • Find new ways of working in the era of AI to boost your creativity



What will you learn?

Join us for a one-day workshop where you’ll learn how to use AI to boost your business. Our experts will work with you to understand your marketing objectives and strategic motivations for investing in AI, benchmark your AI capabilities, and provide short- and long-term recommendations tailored to your needs. We believe in using AI to support, not replace, your current strategies. You’ll see how AI can make your marketing smarter and more efficient. We will even develop your own proof-of-concept ChatGPT model for you.


Explore AI implementation for your business in 2024

Discover how AI can reshape your marketing in 2024. Identify current challenges and learn to integrate AI strategically, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Build your own AI

Develop a proof-of-concept ChatGPT model.

Build a ChatGPT model tailored for your business. With our guidance and your datasets, we create an AI model that fits perfectly into your marketing strategies. Experience hands-on learning and participate in expert led workshops, where we train a model to meet a real-world use case.

New ways of working

Foster collaborative innovation

Embrace a future where human creativity and AI intelligence work in harmony. Our workshop focuses on discovering innovative AI-driven approaches that align with your unique marketing goals. Together, we’ll explore new ways of working in the AI era, blending human ingenuity with AI efficiency to redefine marketing success in 2024.

What You’ll Get

Enjoy a day filled with valuable lessons and interactive workshops lead by our AI experts.

  • Expert Lecture on AI in marketing: Start with an engaging lecture to understand how AI is shaping the future of marketing. Dive into current trends and future predictions, followed by an interactive Q&A session.

  • Workshop 1: Where should we focus? – We aim to understand your current marketing operations, pinpoint bottlenecks and pain points in order identify focus areas where AI might be utilised.

  • Workshop 2: How to implement AI in the selected focus areas? – Based on our discoveries in Workshop 1, we then explore targeted AI solutions that can address these specific areas.

  • Workshop 3: Creating a Proof-of-Concept AI Model – Roll up your sleeves and create a simple, practical AI model to tackle a specific marketing issue with us. We’ll experiment what we can do with AI in a real-life scenario based on your datasets

  • Comprehensive Documentation: – We’ll summarise all workshop insights and results into a compact package, so you don’t have to worry about taking notes while reshaping your marketing strategies for 2024 and beyond

PLUS, You’ll Receive …

Bonus: Prompts on steroids

A comprehensive guide on using ChatGPT to speed up your marketing efforts. A Playbook to help you learn how to get more done in less time

Bonus: AI and Privacy

Essential guidelines on maintaining privacy while implementing AI in your business. Understand how to use AI responsibly and securely

Total Value 11,900€


*The attendant undertakes to arrange the necessary user licenses in advance, more information on request

Chat GPT use cases we’ve done so far

Creating user personas

Getting to know your customers better and faster: Our trained model helped us to quickly understand who the service’s customers are, without the need for endless surveys. It’s a smart and quick way to get some initial insights you need to serve them better

Creating Landing Pages

Better first impressions with AI-Generated Landing Pages: We utilize our trained GPT model to turn a standard template into an engaging landing page that resonates with your audience. AI not only streamlined the design but also enrichened content, ensuring the landing page spoke directly to the needs and wants of the visitors, optimizing conversions with precision.

Creating Ad Concepts

AI-Enhanced Brainstorming for Ad Concepts: We unleashed the creativity of Chat GPT to generate innovative ad ideas that capture attention and ignite interest. Our trained GPT serves as a creative partner, providing a foundation that’s ripe for refinement, ensuring the campaigns are fresh, relevant, and ahead of the curve.

Marketing mix modeling

Maximizing Marketing Mix: The GPT serves as a data scientist specializing in MMM analysis, guiding users in understanding and applying MMM concepts and perform multivariate regressions on sales and marketing time series data to estimate the impact of various marketing tactics on sales and then forecast the impact of future sets of tactics.

Ready to Reach Your Next Level of Growth with AI?

What You’ll Get

  • Expert Lecture on AI in marketing
  • Workshops to explore AI implementation for your business in 2024
  • Your own proof-of-concept ChatGPT model tailored for your marketing needs
  • Bonus: Comprehensive guide on using ChatGPT to speed up your marketing efforts
  • Bonus: Essential guidelines on maintaining privacy while implementing AI in your business

Total Value 11,900€


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