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Genero Growth Marketing Breakfast: Succeed with Your Next Website Project (February 15th at 08:00 – 10:00 in Pietarsaari) Heidi, 22.11.2018 Genero
Genero Growth Marketing Breakfast in Helsinki, November 30th Heidi, 5.11.2018 Genero
Genero Growth Marketing Breakfast in Pietarsaari, November 23rd Heidi, 29.10.2018 Genero
The Heroes of Tomorrow – Made By Arcada Rasmus, 3.5.2018 Genero
The Finnish media house A-lehdet strengthens its digital expertise by buying a share of the growth marketing company Genero Rasmus, 3.5.2018 Genero
Data-based marketing and Pep Guardiola Jarno, 8.1.2018 Genero
Suomi 100 – list of our 100 favourite Finnish products Yuki Miyagi, 5.12.2017 Genero
Logodesign – dos and don’ts nine, 19.9.2016 Genero