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Klaviyo vs Mailchimp: Which is the Best Email Marketing Tool for Ecommerce? Comparing two leading email service providers to help you make an informed decision.
Revenue share: when, why, and how to do it Revenue share models between clients and agencies are becoming increasingly popular. In this article, we'll explore what it is, what the benefits are, and how to create one.
Goodbye, good times? Growth in the new era of digital marketing In a way, everything has changed. In a way, nothing has changed.
ROI – is more always better? Marketing should be a profitable investment for the business. But a high ROI is not necessarily a good thing.
Setting relevant targets Setting relevant targets is one of the hardest things marketers must do. Having contextual data makes it a lot easier.
The dangers of discounting Many companies use discounts to increase sales. But this practice has significant downsides.
Analyzing Average Order Values Averages are useful because they’re simple. But this simplicity is also what makes them misleading.
3 Opportunities for Profitable Growth in 2023 2023 will bring both uncertainty and volatility. While this won't be easy to navigate, we believe it will also create opportunities for profitable growth.
From designer trainee to senior UI/UX designer Six years at Genero Alexandra has been able to work broadly in all aspects of design as well as specialize deeply in her passion: UI/UX Design. Watch her growth story and be inspired!
Street art versus top magazine design & content – five observations from my New York trip On her recent trip to New York, art director Roosa Hyrske picked up some trendy things and vibes. The same trends were present also in the awarded magazines and publications. See for yourself!
How to grow as a growth marketer? Heiman Safeen started at Genero in 2019 as a Growth Hacker Trainee. Just a few years later he was managing large accounts as a Senior Growth Hacker. Here's how he did it.