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720° is a Finnish company that provides SaaS services that can be integrated with the meters and sensors of building systems. While the solution is primarily based on original software and an analytics module, the company also offers hardware installations and integrations.

720° aims to bring intelligent, data-driven solutions to property management, and through them improve energy efficiency and user experience.


720° was doing a brand refresh and wanted Genero’s help in updating their website. Since the website has an active role in supporting sales, the company wanted the site to be visually aligned with other sales material. The aim was also to increase sales and traffic, collect leads and improve conversion rate.

The site needed to communicate the benefits, features, and integration capabilities of the product clearly to the site visitors. In particular, they wanted to highlight the customer benefits through the application of Artificial Intelligence and explain how 720° employs it with their product.

Although the website was already running on WordPress, 720° wanted to update it with the Gutenberg editor so that they could edit the site contents more flexibly.


In the website’s conceptualization phase, we made sure that the content solutions and copy on site would support the customer paths of the visiting property owners and investors. Using a service development approach, we defined the content objectives, desired emotional states and actions. The needs of the company’s vendors were also taken into account in the design.

Based on the conceptualization, we created the content architecture, wireframes and final designs for the website. The visual appearance of the website was updated, with the graphic design making use of the company’s own illustrations. In this way we could establish a consistent brand identity that reflects the company’s current vision and objectives.

In order to make future site updates easy, Genero created a design system for 720°. All the styles, colours, icons and component-level elements used on the site were configured into the system first, and the components of the user interface built after that. The content, menu and sitemap remained the same, and the company was able to add the contents to the new site themselves. The design system can be easily used for future pages or to modify existing ones.

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Ville Silventola

Sales Director, Finland

Edvin Årefors

International Sales Director

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