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Cooperation since 2018

Pihla Group Oy is the largest player in the Finnish window and door market, manufacturing products under strong brands such as Pihla and Tiivi. We’ve had the privilege of being Pihla Group’s growth partner since 2018!

Our cooperation has been comprehensive over the years. We’ve helped Pihla Group’s brands with for example growth marketing, websites for the group and three brands, service design, high-end video production, social media content and much more.

The team at Pihla Group are such a joy to work with on a weekly and often daily basis. Their talented marketing team keeps our ambition levels high and these past years we’ve got to celebrate many wins together!


Pihla Group’s brands Pihla and Tiivi are the two leading window brands in Finland. Both offer high quality windows and doors that are manufactured domestically. In addition to supplying modern solutions for new-builds, Pihla and Tiivi transform homes with full-service window renovations.

At the core of our cooperation with Pihla Group has been supporting Pihla and Tiivi with lead generation. Window renovations are often done in a 30-year cycle, meaning that there are thousands of Finnish homes and summer houses in need of new, energy efficient and modern windows.

While it’s not, many homeowners tend to see window renovations as a tedious and complex task to get done. Our job as Pihla Group’s marketing partner has been to educate, empower and encourage homeowners to replace old windows and doors with Pihla Group’s excellent new ones.


Since 2018, we’ve worked in bi-weekly growth sprints, to support Pihla Group’s lead generation. We utilize the most effective advertising channels to reach out to potential customers. With both Pihla and Tiivi, we’ve employed fun and creative tactics such as challenges and competitions to encourage lead generation.

In addition to lead generation, we’ve been able to nurture the leads with both website content and email marketing using Active Campaing’s marketing automation tools. Moreover, SEO and constantly optimizing the websites are also a core of strengthening Pihla Group’s position in the market.


We’ve got to celebrate many wins over the years. SEO, TV-campaigns and great content have led to record breaking direct and organic traffic to the new websites we’ve developed for the group. Brand awareness has grown significantly since 2018 – Pihla and Tiivi are truly the number ones in the window business.

Lead generation and being able to consistently produce evaluation visits for Pihla and Tiivi has turned out to be a massive competitive advantage for the company. Since the beginning of our cooperation, we’ve been able to increase the number of online leads from a minimal level to thousands of leads monthly – a total increase of several hundred percent! This has led to a fantastic number of evaluation visits and offer requests.

Our cooperation isn’t limited to B2C. On the B2B side, we’ve been able to support housing companies with informational content as well as raising offer requests and evaluation visits to a new level.

The results wouldn’t be possible without Pihla Group’s ambition and willingness to invest in growth marketing. And with a dedicated growth team, the brave client gets to reap the benefits of their investments!

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Ville Silventola

Sales Director, Finland

Edvin Årefors

International Sales Director

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