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What is Aikakausmedia?

Aikakausmedia (Finnish Magazine Media Association) represents more than 250 magazine publishers in Finland. It provides tools, education and research to the industry. Genero has been a content partner of Aikakausmedia since 2019, with a yearly printed magazine and more than 20 videos and related content packages produced almost every month.


The aim of the Tunne tekijät (‘Know the Makers’) series of content is to highlight the wide and varied field of magazine media’s editorial staff and the important work they do, not only in providing information, but also in offering readers chance to relax and enjoy themselves in the midst of hectic everyday life.

The series consists of articles and images published on Aikakausmedia’s website and a wide range of video and image material published on other various channels of the client.


As visual formats and user needs constantly evolve, we redesigned the visual concept of the series. The new video format meets the needs of the audience better: it particularly serves a social media user who needs quick and insightful stimulation and moves quickly to the next content. By using multiple cameras, editing the content into shorter pieces and adding humour the video grabs the viewer’s attention on social media. 

We also produce extensive still footage within the same filming session. When the client receives the video and visuals as a ready-designed and edited package for different channels, the result is easy-to-use and engaging and interactive material for the website, Instagram, Insta Stories, Facebook and YouTube.

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Arja Kulmala

Account Director

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