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As Görans’ strategic growth partner, we delivered a modern, effective website to match their excellent product quality and support the company’s fast expansion.


Görans is a Finnish family-run food producer with a 30-year history. They produce a range of meat products, including Finland’s most popular frozen kebab.

One of our key tasks is to find effective ways to support their growth. Early this year, we realized that updating their website could have a significant business impact.

Refreshing the website would be a direct investment in the brand. And by improving the content and user experience, the website could attract more organic visitors and inspire them to test Görans’ recipes and products.

Strategy & planning

Our first step was to assess the potential business impact. A keyword analysis showed that we could significantly increase organic traffic by improving the website’s content and technical structure. This would directly help increase Görans brand awareness for years to come.

We then carefully planned the project’s scope. Important features like adding reviews, linking products to recipes, and creating landing pages were identified and prioritized.

To streamline the design process, we first created a brand book containing clear design guidelines, new images, fonts, and custom icons.

The planning was done in close partnership with Görans and our cross-functional team of marketers, designers, copywriters, and strategists. This approach kept Görans’ business needs at the forefront through the project.


The brand book made the design process very efficient. After a few iterations, we agreed on a modern design, incorporating client feedback at each stage.

We organized a brand photoshoot with models and photo shoots for new recipe content in the spring, and also improved some product images. Which gave us enough material for the new website.

Our content strategy aimed to clarify Görans’ key messages and highlight their commitment to quality. Leading up to the website redesign we conducted customers surveys to understand their preferences and buying criteria. This information was valuable as we began writing copy for the website.

Using our decade-long experience with WordPress, we then developed a website that was fast, secure, SEO-friendly and easy for the client to manage.


The website was completed on time and met all objectives. Our ongoing partnership with Görans and our understanding of their business needs helped us deliver a website that will support their growth for years ahead.

The initial feedback has been positive, and we’re already seeing promising results in terms of SEO and site usability. We look forward to continuing supporting Görans with various growth initiatives!

”The project with Genero has gone excellently! The project planning was done carefully together, regular check-ins were held so that we all knew how the project was progressing. We are very satisfied with the outcome of the professional and smooth collaboration with Genero.” 

Evert Granholm, CEO

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Ville Silventola

Sales Director, Finland

Edvin Årefors

International Sales Director

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