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How do you develop websites for a company with companies within the company? Do you compromise? Absolutely not, you make each and every brand blossom under the same flourishing umbrella.

Why we love this client

We knew that Wise Professionals always challenges conventions within the recruitment industry, often by testing new ways to create and deliver services. So, we had a lot to live up to and were very happy to be a part of this journey.


Our assignment was to develop four new websites that catch the spirit of Wise Professionals, including the sub-brands Eqonomy, The Pace, and KiMM. The brief told us to avoid doing “everything for everyone”, and at the same time create websites that are interesting, compelling, and where visitors want to “hang out”.

Wise Professionals offer recruitment services within HR, payroll, finance, marketing, communication, and business administration. So, each area has its own name and brand character to consider. At the same time, they must be able to operate under the Wise Professionals umbrella that includes a people-centric approach for everybody involved – employers, employees, and clients.


When you go into a huge project like this, you must know what you’re doing. I mean; one website is hard – but four! At the same time! That’s almost kamikaze.

The Genero crew solution was to interview the staff at the four Wise companies with the help of an online Miro board, using over 3520 post-it notes. It took a while, sure, but was well worth it.

We pinpointed the target groups and shaped a buyer’s journey for each brand in detail as well as collecting target group insights – challenges, requests, pain points, how they seek information, and individual behaviors.


The information collected in the workshops created the foundation on which we could build the websites. We also formed a content strategy and created examples of how different tone-of-voice could be used to strengthen each company’s identity.

What helped a lot was the fact that our client encouraged a strong sense of “it’s okay to bring your ideas to the table even though they are not ready yet”. This “high ceiling feeling” made a huge difference in the outcome.

“My vision did come alive, and I am extremely happy with the end result.”

Joel Singer, CCO/CMO at Wise Professionals

Key elements

Bear in mind, as a recruitment company Wise Professionals have three target groups: employers, employees, and actual clients. They also have a clear emotional business goal: “To make the time spent at work the best worktime of your life”. And a communication concept that touches the feeling: “When your job doesn’t feel like work”. So, each and every touchpoint on Wise Professionals’ web pages must live up to this feeling in both artwork and copy.


The goal was set for an optimized candidate and customer journey, that would give visitors a fantastic experience. With an attractive design and a well-thought-out structure, we created websites for the four different Wise companies in eleven months living up to the demands that we set up early in the project.

The vision and dream that our client had coming into the project came alive in the form of “four new awesome websites”, using our client’s own words.

Want to know more?

Ville Silventola

Sales Director, Finland

Edvin Årefors

International Sales Director

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