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Elevate Your Business Insights:

Mastering of Marketing Data Collection

At Genero, we value data because it powers successful marketing strategies and enables us to make informed decisions through analysis. That’s why we’re thrilled about our partnership with Funnel.

Funnel is an innovative data hub designed exclusively for marketing data, it is a game-changer in marketing data management that addresses the evolving needs of organisations seeking efficiency, reliability, and superior data insights. 

Funnel simplifies the heavy task of consolidating data from diverse platforms into one centralized hub. Our confidence in the functionality of the dashboards has skyrocketed, knowing that our client data is securely saved and hosted in a hub that stands resilient even when APIs fail.

Why Funnel?

Centralized Marketing Data Hub

Funnel acts as a central hub where all your marketing data is seamlessly collected in one secure location. No more struggling with scattered spreadsheets or enduring the manual labor of consolidating data – Funnel makes it effortlessly accessible.

Cloud-Powered Assurance

Your data securely stored in the cloud with Funnel, ensuring accessibility and eliminating concerns about downtime. Share data securely across multiple platforms and visualisation tools.

Stability and Streamlining

Funnel goes beyond mere data collection; it harmonizes, organizes, and streamlines your data with ease. Saving you time and resources with automated data processing, leaving room for more strategic decision-making.

User-Friendly Interface

Funnel’s intuitive interface can be easily used by both technical and non-technical marketing professionals. No steep learning curve-you can easily create sophisticated data and dashboards even if you’re not a tech whiz.

Cost and Time Savings

Reduce the costs associated with manual data handling. Funnel offers a comprehensive set of over 500 connectors that seamlessly collect data and reduce the complexity of the process.

In essence, Funnel is designed for businesses that understand the value of comprehensive, streamlined, and accessible marketing data. Whether you’re a seasoned marketing professional or a non-technical expert, Funnel empowers you to make informed decisions about the marketing performance.

As a Funnel partner we are happy to be able to offer better data to our clients. Within the marketing industry, it is essential that you have all the data available. Previously, this has been a time consuming and an error prone phase where the amounts of data can often break the visualization tools or, at minimum, make them really slow. With Funnel, we’re able to combine, harmonize and even stream big amounts of data to visualization tools you are accustomed to.

– Markku Nykänen, Lead Growth Strategist of Genero.

Want to know if your business would leverage from using Funnel?

Contact us and we’ll have a look!

Markku Nykänen

Digital Strategist