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Slow Flower Garden SEO Katarina Dahlin

Our Senior Growth Hacker & SEO Consultant Katarina Dahlin will present her SEO strategy for her personal blog Slow Flower Garden at the SEO Vibes on Tour in Helsinki on May 23, 2024. Katarina has a passion for SEO and growing cut flowers, and Slow Flower Garden combines both her passions.

“I started my blog Slow Flower Garden because I wanted my own website to test SEO ideas on, to see what works and what doesn’t. I can then take the best-performing ideas to our clients after testing their effectiveness. I also wanted to learn how to code, and I had just started a new hobby as well, about cut flower gardening, so it was perfect to start the blog Slow Flower Garden,” Katarina says.

katarina dahlin seo slow flower garden

In just one year, the blog grew from 0 to 50K monthly organic visits. She got 760 words into top-3 positions in Google, and 1,600 words into positions 4-10 in Google. Her site was the 36th fastest-growing website in 2023, according to the Semrush Rank list.

“I use the same tactics as I use for our clients. I started with a keyword research and mapping, then continued with the basics like optimizing meta titles and descriptions, linking pages together into content hubs, and creating articles. I continued with some of my favorite SEO projects, like stealing featured snippets from competitors and creating a garden dictionary. At the same time, I learned how to utilize ChatGPT for content creation and tool building. I also created my own GPTs that I trained for specific purposes to help me optimize product descriptions much faster than what I normally could do. I also got really into link building, which I now love to do always when possible,” says Katarina.

Katarina will talk more about her SEO work with Slow Flower Garden at SEO Vibes on Tour in Helsinki on May 23, 2024, together with other industry experts. More info and tickets to the event here.

Read also her article How to Forecast ROI with SEO.

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