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The publishers of Telma were looking for a content partner to renew the magazine. They wanted it to be a stylish, interesting and modern publication that would prominently display expertise and development of the field. The contents of the renewed magazine would also need to be easily adaptable to both printed and digital channels.


Genero started the re-conceptualisation of Telma in early 2021 with a stakeholder survey and content workshops together with the client. The planning took into account the different target audiences and changing reading habits. Both the content concepts, structure and visuality of the magazine were revised.

The new Telma is a bold, visual, diverse read. Snackable content pieces, variety in the approaches to different themes, and the use of illustrations and infographics make it easy for the reader to find interesting and relatable content in the magazine.

”Because the magazine is published jointly by two parties, we gave it an unusually independent and strong brand image. We also renewed the Telma logo so that it would better reflect the diversity of the magazine and convey equality and joy,” Art director Tomi Metsä-Heikkilä explains the new look.

By showcasing good workplace practices, Telma aims to introduce improvements to working life. The magazine also discusses relevant current topics in an interesting way, and reminds it readers to take care of themselves, and of others at their workplace too.

The renewed Telma magazine has been praised by readers for its varied and interesting content. It has been a pleasure to see that the magazine has been well received by its readers.

Päivi-Maria Isokääntä, Communications Specialist, Finnish Work Environment Fund

The content is also published online at and utilized in newsletters.

Genero also carried out a light visual revamp of the Telma website, which quickly and easily brought the new look of the magazine also to the website. Genero was responsible for the front-end implementation and continues to work on small-scale development within the framework of the monthly Genero Care maintenance package.  

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Katarina Cygnel-Nuortie

Content Strategist & Team Leader

Arja Kulmala

Account Director

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