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Avain Yhtiöt is a domestic provider of housing services. Avain builds more than 1,000 right-of-occupancy, rental, service home and owner-occupied apartments in Finland’s growth centres every year. Avain ranks among the leaders in the industry in terms of annual growth in the number of apartments. Currently, the number of own apartments is more than 11 000.

Through the magazine, Avain Yhtiöt wanted to develop customer loyalty and a smooth customer service experience. The aim was also to clarify the brand image.


The warm and welcoming Avain&Koti contains stories of residents and lots of useful content and tips for good housing. It features Avain Yhtiöt properties for both right-of-occupancy and rental housing.

An important recent communication theme has been the legislation regarding right-of-occupancy, which the magazine actively followed. Communication on sustainability issues has also become important.

With concrete content, we were able to help residents understand the complexities that affect their lives and keep up to date. The strategically important issue of sustainability also became a topic that could be addressed by bringing it close to the daily lives of residents. The lighter content creates an entertaining counterbalance to the issues.

The magazine is produced in close and inspiring cooperation with the client. Teamwork is facilitated by agile working practices on both sides. Avain Yhtiöt brings solid knowhow, Genero journalistic expertise and strong consumer insight into housing to the table, also from the field of popular media. One example of this is the role of Avotakka’s editor-in-chief as an advisor to the editorial board.

Cooperation with Genero has been smooth. They’re good at giving tips on what to report to residents, and the service is top-notch.

asmo maanselkä, Marketing and Communications Manager, avain&koti editor-in-chief


The magazine has succeeded in serving its readers well. Almost 70% of those who responded to the reader survey felt that they received useful information from the magazine. The print magazine was highlighted as the most preferred content channel in the magazine’s topics.

Read more about Avain&Koti online in Finnish at

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Anu Mäkelä

Content Strategist & Team Leader

Arja Kulmala

Account Director

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