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Together we grow

Our great co-operation resulted in:

590 %

more organic traffic during 2020

180 %

new users



Mutti valitsi Generon uudistamaan globaalin verkkosivustonsa 3

Why we love this client 

Our work with Mutti started small but grew in scale when this traditional Italian tomato company selected us as their website development partner to design and create their new global website. For us Mutti is a dream client; a company with strong values, high-quality products, pleasant people, and an ambition to constantly improve everything they do. Also, they have a legacy of innovation and trying new things. A common strategic goal guided us through all stages of website development up to SEO of the global and Nordic websites; this is going to be the biggest tomato-focused website in the world.

“We chose to work with Genero because of their digital marketing expertise, especially in search engine optimization. Genero has a very pragmatic and results-oriented approach to everything they do, and the people there are nice to work with and true experts on their fields. The project moved on smoothly according to the plan and we have been very happy with the results.”

– Marcello Gelo, Global Marketing Director, Mutti SpA


The website development project was driven by Mutti’s desire to strengthen their brand positioning on a global level. As a result, they wanted to develop a global website with strong localized pages for various markets. They also realized the need for increased flexibility and analytics to improve their online presence further. Moreover, due to being a mostly consumer-focused tomato products company, the strategic role of the website was unclear. Therefore, we came up with a simple strategy together: developing the biggest tomato recipe website in the world. 

We identified a series of user stories and possible ways to share and review content, offer interesting recipes, and educate consumers about Mutti’s history and tomatoes. We also decided that the developed website should function as a hub for Mutti’s digital campaigns around the world.


In addition to presenting all of Mutti’s tasty tomato-based products and recipes on the website, we saw it as important to communicate the values and all the background work that make Mutti products truly unique. The website development concept was based on the idea of telling the story of a tomato from the field to the table, which was reflected in the site structure, storytelling, and navigational options. 

The website design was developed with a strongly branded color scheme combined with modern broken grids, which allowed an easy and intuitive user experience and light feeling. A mix of Italian and Nordic design aesthetics. 

SEO was another main concern for website development and the site’s content structure. We wanted to maximize the amount of organic traffic to the site and help users find what they were looking for by using a flat URL structure. 

WordPress was used as the website development platform. By creating both locked and reusable page templates, we enabled different countries to create localized content without losing the global website’s look and feel. Hence, all local websites are based on the common elements predefined on the global site.

With the copy and content design, we followed a series of principles, which made the original text easy to understand, translate, and localize to different languages without losing the brand tone of voice.

The website was developed in an SEO-friendly way to ensure that Search engines find the right content and content editors can focus on content creation instead of SEO practices.


Soon after launching the first websites, we witnessed a significant increase in organic visibility and users. Key indicators, such as new users, sessions, bounce rate, and average session duration, have improved notably.

Right after the launch the new website benefitted from 130% more sessions and 150% more users compared to the benchmark of other brands in the food & drink industry. Overall, the new site has attracted 590% more traffic and 180% more users than before.

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