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K-Citymarket ran a Beauty Days campaign in November 2022 to increase sales and strengthen the K-Citymarket image in beauty and cosmetics among selected target groups. The campaign had fixed numerical goals that we aimed to support with our content collaboration. The campaign was themed around pre-Christmas parties.


We created a content package and a key visual image for the pre-Christmas party beauty campaign, to be used across all media. The key visual was used as a cover image for the beauty catalogue, as well as in TV and in in-store materials.

The key visual was designed to support the K-Citymarket brand. Its primary objective was to attract attention and strengthen the K-Citymarket brand as a place to shop for beauty products. In addition, the visual was designed to excite and inspire to try new things. This was supported by the stunning glow and colour scheme of the image: red, pink, eye candy! We did the trendy styling and model selection together with the client. The campaign images were shot in the A-lehdet studio.

For the campaign, we produced five useful and instructive content packages with product recommendations and tips for skincare, choosing lipstick and eye make-up. We also created and run an entertaining and informational lipstick test on social media.

The content of the beauty campaign was used on the website, in the social media, as well as in a printed beauty catalogue distributed by mail. The content included images and videos, which were also used extensively in advertising.


The content worked well: it stood out and supported the brand. The growth in sales was excellent: there was an overall increase in the Beauty Days cosmetics sales, with lipstick sales in particular increasing by a whopping +54%!

By supporting tactical messages with high-quality content, it is clear that we had a combination that was attractive to customers.

The campaign’s ads succeeded in being memorable: the ad recall rate among the audience was 76%. Brand recognition was also effective, with 81% of people associating the campaign ads with K-Citymarket even without the logo. The advertising was well-received and the penetration of the desired messages improved.

“The campaign package was very successful. We achieved an improvement in all metrics. When you have a systematic approach and apply the lessons learned, the results will be good.”

Päivi Pöntinen, Content Manager, Kesko/K-Citymarket

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Milja Kangasmaa

Account Director

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