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Komplett Bank is a Norwegian bank that offers consumer credit and refinancing services. Despite having operated in the Norwegian market since 2014, they were relatively unknown in Finland and Sweden, and competed in a highly saturated and even commoditized market. Komplett approached us to help in launching their services in both of these countries. The primary goal was to grow the amount of paid out loans with a predetermined Customer Acquisition Cost. The secondary goal was a more obvious one: help Komplett gain a strong position as a loan provider that people trust and consider.


We started with the idea that loan taking is an intent-driven process, backed with brand building elements for people to trust this particular bank for the application. 

To find the right target segments, we used market data and Internal Google Data. There were among other things regional differences in how much loan people typically take. We noticed a correlation between people’s interests and online behavior and their willingness to apply for loans.

The strategy focused on driving volume via paid channels and optimizing towards a good CAC in relation to revenue, then focusing on maximizing volume at the defined CAC level. Media budget was not limited, as long as CAC remained low enough.

By advertising both on video channels online and traditional advertising we wanted to increase brand awareness and trust for a new brand in the target markets. We also used Facebook ads to keep up brand awareness and with a strong conversion focus.

Our communication was based on a careful analysis of the target group, competitors’ digital marketing and activity. This combined with market data and Internal Google Data gave us the basis for Komplett Bank’s marketing communications. We then decided which terms to use for better engagement rate and how the website should be designed. Implementation of the communication strategy started with re-designing the website, followed by actual content creation.

In Finland, Facebook & Instagram supported traditional advertising and online video advertising. Social media advertising was also used for remarketing in both countries. We moved focus to target specific geographic locations based on data about people’s earlier conversion value in the different locations.


The optimisations and performance marketing paid off. In Sweden we exceeded our internal revenue goal for 2018 by over 10% through performance channels. 

We managed to keep the result according to defined Customer Acquisition Cost and for each quarter, the growth in net loan has increased.

In Q4 2018 Komplett Bank reached their highest profitability yet, Sweden accounted for 54% of the company’s growth in loans and in Finland the amount of net loans had increased by 212% since Q2 2017.

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Ville Silventola

Sales Director, Finland

Edvin Årefors

Business Director, Sweden

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