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Web development

What is Alko like today? A unique concept and online service for meaningful communication Alko presented us with an exceptional challenge: how to communicate the benefits of the traditional Finnish alcohol sales system in a way that would appeal to Finnish consumers, stakeholders and decision-makers. They also expressed the wish that the solution could be replicated in store touchpoints and customer contacts.
Creating a pioneering recipe experience with delicious content and intuitive design The new Genero-built pioneers an innovate new format for online recipes that truly meets the needs of the modern user. Besides traditional text-and-image based instructions, the new site features full-screen step-by-step video instructions that are easy to follow, as users can swipe from one step to another at their own pace.


in organic sales

Sunny side up for Solarplexius with 70% growth in organic sales in Europe The car window tinting business might for some people be hidden in the shadows. Solarplexius gave Genero the opportunity to shatter the clouds and bring out the sun.
Taksi Helsinki’s renewed website meets all the user needs Genero renewed Taksi Helsinki's website in line with their new brand to meet the many needs of their users. A smooth project from start to end fulfilled the customer’s wishes and the new site pleases the customer and the end-users alike. The new website was launched in the spring of 2021.
Telma magazine boldly renewed Telma is a magazine for the development of working life, published by the Finnish Work Environment Fund and The Centre for Occupational Safety. Its quarterly publications are distributed for free to, among others, occupational safety personnel and supervisors. The magazine serves as a forum for the different stakeholders in working life to join forces in making improvements, for example by showcasing good workplace practices.
Genero and producer organizations inspire kids to become recycling superheroes What's better than learn recycling while you're young? Genero’s team built a printed workbook and a digital learning platform around educational but fun content for kids.
Financially inspiring content for OP Group on how to lead a good life Genero are constantly working to find new money-related topics that spark the readers’ interest; everyday tips, stories from the readers, solutions to financial troubles including creating infographics, illustrations, and videos that the text calls for.
A-lehdet websites transformed into the most modern media platform Genero created an agile platform that serves the needs of 17 brands and all their everyday visitors’ expectations. Fresh design, much easier updates, and the individual sites no longer need to be developed separately. All for one. One for all.
Tasty new website for meat enthusiast Familjen Snellman We set out to take over Sweden with a website that’s really cookin’, introducing the brand to the Swedish market and build product awareness as well as guide consumers to buy the high-quality meat at their local supermarket.